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Our partners are specialist companies providing cutting edge services to investigate, analyze and enhance your oil & gas

TGT Oil and Gas Services (“TGT”)

TGT ( ) is a company providing:

  • Well & Reservoir Surveillance
  • Reservoir Studies & Simulations
  • Field Development Planning

Founded in Kazan, Russia, TGT is today headquartered in Dubai. They have plausibly the most advanced production logging suite in the World covering:

  • Leak Detection using High Precision Temperature and Spectral Noise
  • Corrosion Logging using Magnetic Imaging Defectoscope
  • Production Logging for Producers & Injectors
  • Reservoir Saturation using Pulsed Neutron-Neutron
  • And customized combinations of the above to address the clients’ particular needs.

Some of the primary capabilities of the TGT logging suite are presented in the table below.
Product Feature Customer Benefit
Spinners with overlapping blades Able to detect very low flow rates enabling the location of small leaks, etc.
Temperature simulation Able to quantify fluid rates without using spinners. Almost no measurement threshold.
HPT (High Precision Temperature) measurement
  • High precision (0.0030C)
  • Fast response (<1sec)
This measurement enables:
  • Quantification of flow profile behind tubing & casing
  • Evaluation of vertical fracture flow boundaries
  • Checking for communication through poor cement
  • Improving 3D geological model and side track justification
SNL (Spectral Noise Log) measurement with:
  • Wide spectrum (117-60,000 Hz)
  • High resolution (117 Hz)
This measurement enables:
  • Differentiation between matrix/fracture flow
  • Location of flow units
  • Location of cross-flows behind casing
  • Location of tubing/casing leaks
HPT & SNL combination Able to detect leak through multiple barriers (up to ‘C’ casing-casing annulus).

MID (Magnetic Imaging Defectoscope)
measurement with dual sensor magnetic imaging

This measurement enables:
  • Evaluation of perforation quality
  • Scanning of multiple barriers for metal loss
  • Ability to distinguish between internal and external corrosion in tubing

PNN (Pulsed Neutron Neutron) measurement

with direct measurement of neutron response

Able to determine aquifer invasion in low salinity reservoirs.

United Safety

United Safety provides industrial safety products, safety consulting and safety training to ensure that the workforce and public remain safe.

We service both the Upstream and Downstream sectors of the Oil & Gas industry, offering:

  • Plant turnaround safety services
  • Safety Solutions for Onshore/offshore drilling and well servicing activities
  • Integrated risk management services
  • Safety technician services
  • Construction projects safety services

With global operations in 21 countries, United Safety is at the forefront of industrial safety equipment technology that includes breathing air systems and gas detection systems, along with innovative safety services for customers with multi-disciplined contract work forces.
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