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As resources become scarcer, the case for applying high science and technology in exploration and production is becoming more compelling. Much of the cutting edge innovation in this space is done by small companies. This poses two problems for oil companies. First, not every innovation from a small company is good – someone needs to separate the wheat from the chaff. Second, small companies have limited geographical reach – someone needs to support them when they enter a new market. At Black Gold we do both and then some. We have an extensive oilfield private equity network that we tap to find out the capabilities of the companies they are funding. When we find an exciting capability we engage with the company to structure a mechanism to bring them to Pakistan. Typically, we form a joint venture with the company because we believe that a strong alignment of interests is required to provide the best service to our clients. Another critical requirement to provide superior service is focus. We are focused on reservoir evaluation, characterization and production optimization. We are committed to bringing the best niche services from these domains to Pakistan.
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